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Midwest Water Treatment carries a full line of equipment to meet all of the needs of any water treatment application.  Many items are stocked at our warehouse in Oshkosh while others direct ship from our suppliers in as little as 24 hours.  Midwest personnel even carry many normal wear items in their vehicles for immediate repairs.  From pumps to controllers, injection quills to pot feeders, and all manner of equipment between, you can find the best equipment from the nation's leading manufacturers at Midwest Water Treatment.

Remote monitoring and control has rapidly become commonplace in the water treatment industry and the list of applications is growing quickly.  Instead of having your water treatment professional reviewing your operation once per month during their normal service visits, through remote monitoring software, your representative is essentially "onsite" every day.  24/7 access to your system allows a trained professional to receive alerts and make adjustments as needed to correct problems and respond to changes in your operation.  The best part?  This invaluable tool comes standard in many Midwest Water Treatment programs.

Water Treatment Automation Wisconsin
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