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Midwest Water Treatment was created to fill a gap in the water treatment industry.  The whole premise of our formation was to be big enough to offer all of the services that a large, nationwide, water treatment provider could, but to be small enough to respond rapidly, keep our costs low, and focus on a select number of customers.  All of that together means consistent, reliable results, timely service by a highly skilled expert, and a price tag that will draw attention.



Midwest Water Treatment is a veteran-owned, business-to-business water treatment company with an uncompromising desire to deliver.

With Midwest Water Treatment, our goal is not to be the cheapest, but to bring the greatest value to our customers.  Your dollar simply goes further with us.  For what many of our competitors charge for a standard, no-frills program, Midwest can often offer a higher end program with new equipment upgrades, remote monitoring, and equipment maintenance packages.  When it comes down to it, our mission is simple:

Operate the highest quality treatment programs at the most competitive prices


Midwest Water Treatment is not focused on quick, one-time sales, but instead is looking to create partners for life.  All across Wisconsin, we are growing and expanding.  Let us show you the Midwest difference.​

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