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Green Technology Water Treatment Wisconsin

ProMoss™ and Other Non-Chemical Treatment Options

ProMoss™ has rapidly taken over a large percentage of the non-chemical market in the last 5-10 years as water treatment experts continue to find new and exciting opportunities for it's implementation.  Manufactured by Creative Water Solutions in Minnesota, ProMoss™ is made from specific strains of processed and sterilized sphagnum moss.  Not only is this product effective, but sustainable, easy to use, and completely safe. 


Scale protection with ProMoss™ is just as good, if not better, than a comparable chemical program.  The descaling ability of ProMoss™ has also been noted in countless installations across the country.  If your system has some old scale on the heat exchange surfaces, adding ProMoss™ to your water treatment program just may clean it right off without the need for an acid cleaning.  As an added bonus, ProMoss™ is great at binding up iron and other metals, as well as oils in the system water.

In regards to control of bacteria, while it does not actually kill the microorganisms in the water, it does tie up the organic molecules needed for their survival and growth, severely inhibiting their ability to reproduce.  When combined with a non-chemical biocide option, such as an ozone generator, the pair provides a chemical-free, non-hazardous treatment option that in many cases provides a better quality treatment program than traditional chemical options.

Getting started with ProMoss™ is easier than almost any other option on the market.  Your Midwest Water Treatment representative will calculate the proper amount of moss to use based on your system.  The product is then added to a contact feeder and simply placed in the basin or sump of your cooling tower or condenser.  Bypass feeders are available if needed as well.  After a month of use, the ProMoss™ is simply changed out by your representative and disposed of.  Easy, fast, and extremely effective!

Simply put, ProMoss™ and some of the other non-chemical devices on the market are giving traditional chemical programs a run for their money.  With the continuing push to improve safety and reduce environmental impacts, non-chemical programs only become more and more popular.  Contact us to get started today!

Water Treatment Solutions Wisconsin

Benefits of a ProMoss™ Program

  • Roughly the same price as a traditional chemical treatment program

  • Reduced environmental impact

  • Sustainably harvested

  • Easy, low cost implementation

  • Excellent scale protection and scale removal properties​

  • Eliminates hazardous chemicals onsite for improved safety

  • 10-20% water savings on average

  • No drums to move around or dispose of

  • Eliminates spill hazards​

  • "Green" Program for LEED Credits

  • Metals, oil, and organics removal​

Biocide Generators

Interested in eliminating the toxic, hazardous biocides that you have onsite for microbial control?  Biocide generators from Midwest Water Treatment eliminate hazardous chemical storage, provide 24/7 dosages to your system, and produce two biocides from nothing but air, UV light, and electricity!  

Ozone is one of the strongest oxidizers available but decays quickly once produced.  That means it needs to be produced onsite to be effective.  Older ozone generators used to be clunky, ineffective, and costly.  Newer models, such as the options offered by Midwest Water Treatment, are cost effective and low maintenance.  We can even lease them to you to keep your annual costs at a low, fixed amount.

In addition to producing ozone, hydrogen peroxide is also produced.  Another well known disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide creates a residual effect in the cooling water, rapidly killing bacteria, fungi, and other biological organisms throughout the system that can foul heat exchange surfaces or cause illness and death.

The best part is that both are completely natural and quickly decay to inert ingredients after use (water and oxygen).  No drums, spills, or leaks.  Just plug it in and watch your biological counts drop!

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