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Midwest Water Treatment operates in numerous sectors.  A few are listed below.  Don't see your application listed here?  Just ask!


Whether light or heavy, Midwest Water Treatment provides treatment products and services to a wide array of industrial customers.  From tiny plastics plants to massive foundries, our expertise in implementing targeted, customized treatment programs for our industrial partners keep their plants operating at peak efficiency with minimal downtime.  We realize that your water treatment applications in this sector of business directly impact your bottom line and our solutions reflect that. 


Midwest Water Treatment not only provides our normal offerings to these customers, but can often provide specialty process chemicals as well.  Have a unique need?  Through our extensive supplier network, we can likely find exactly what you're looking for.

Industrial Water Treatment Wisconsin
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Food and Beverage Water Treatment Wisconsin


Being located in America's Dairyland, there are countless milk, whey, and cheese processing facilities nearby.  In addition to the dairy industry, canneries, meat processing and rendering facilities, and breweries dot the map in our coverage area.  Each and every one relies on clean, properly treated water to create and deliver their final finished goods to their customers.

Midwest Water Treatment carries a full line of chemicals that are approved for use in food contact applications and a select line of NSF Certified products as well.  We recognize and understand the unique restrictions and challenges that are faced each day in this area of business, and look forward to maximizing the potential of your facility's water treatment program.

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Heating and cooling systems for commercial buildings generally revolve around tenant comfort and safety.  Unhappy tenants lead to empty buildings, so maintaining a proper temperature in the buildings you manage is imperative.  Through proper maintenance of your heating and cooling systems, the risk of unexpected downtime due to equipment failures can be greatly reduced.  Not to mention, keeping water and energy use at a minimum paints your building in a favorable light with the public and keeps overhead low.

Where open cooling systems are concerned, such as cooling towers, an increasing focus is being placed on tenant and employee safety as well.  "Legionnaires' Disease" has become a household term over recent years and our treatment programs have evolved to not only combat the risks associated with these pathogens, but to document that you are taking the proper steps to reduce risk.

Commercial Water Treatment Wisconsin
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Healthcare Water Treatment Wisconsin


Hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, and even medical office buildings all depend on clean water for any number of applications.  High purity steam is required for sterilization and humidification, cooling towers keep building temperatures within range during summer months, and even the drinking water may need to be monitored to ensure a safe supply for consumption. 


Patient safety is not only your number one focus, but it's ours as well.  Extra steps need to be taken to ensure there are no immediate or delayed consequences to patient health and safety from a water treatment program.  Frankly, you need a partner that you and those in your care can depend on.  Look no further.

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In virtually no other sector is water treatment as central to the day-to-day operations than in data management and storage.  Cooling systems in use for data centers need to be maintained very carefully to ensure no loss of capacity and no downtime.  Without proper cooling of sensitive servers and components, data centers simply can't operate.

Midwest Water Treatment realizes the delicate nature of these systems and will design a custom plan to keep them running at peak.  Automated controllers send alerts and reports directly to the cell phone of your water treatment representative and tie into your building automation system as well.  24/7, any day of the year, your Midwest rep can see your system chemistry and adjust as needed.  Your commitment to these systems is unwavering.  Your water water treatment provider's should be too.

Data Center Water Treatment
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