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Legionella Wisconsin

With the passing of ASHRAE 188 in 2015, building owners and managers have found themselves under increasing pressure to maintain clean and safe water systems.  Designed around reducing the risk of waterborne pathogens, ASHRAE 188 pertains to any number of systems that may be present in your building including potable water, showers, misters, swamp coolers, whirlpool tubs, and open cooling systems such as cooling towers and condensers.

Midwest Water Treatment personnel take the threat of waterborne pathogens very seriously and are trained to not only recognize risk areas, but to work with building management to implement specific plans to reduce those risks.  These "Water Management Plans" or "WMP's" for short, are created in partnership with the nation's premier experts on the subject at HC Info.  Learn more about Legionella control at the HC Info website.

Part of those plans generally includes occasional Legionella testing.  Testing frequencies are determined by the system's history and potential risk with a goal of testing enough to verify the treatment program's effectiveness without creating a financial burden by testing too frequently.  Midwest Water Treatment partners with CDC ELITE labs to provide these services with sample collection, packaging, shipping, results interpretation, and reporting completed by Midwest Water Treatment personnel.

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