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Open cooling water systems can account for a large portion of a facility's water and energy usage every year.  Midwest Water Treatment's aggressive approach to cooling water treatment leads to cleaner heat transfer surfaces, lower water usage, and improved protection from biological threats.  All of this together reduces our customers' ongoing costs and helps to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The main three concerns with cooling water treatment are the same whether your application is a cooling tower, condenser, or some other form of open cooling water system: SCALE, CORROSION, BIOLOGICAL GROWTH.

Midwest Water Treatment programs are designed to manage all three.


Is your current treatment program lacking in any of these areas?  Contact Midwest Water Treatment today to schedule a complimentary system survey to explore opportunities for improvement.  We'll collect water samples, run biological tests, and gather data on your particular application.  Within one week, we'll have your customized treatment plan and cost estimate on your desk.  It's just that simple.


Scale insulates heat transfer surfaces and can drive up energy costs to attain the desired cooling rate.  If the problem becomes severe enough, the system may not be able to provide the necessary cooling effect which will lead to a shutdown and acid cleaning.  Lost production time, failure of building cooling systems, and unnecessary cleaning expenditures make scale prevention crucial.  Midwest Water Treatment's line of scale inhibitors is designed for Wisconsin's various water sources.  Our concentrated products utilize the latest in treatment technologies and allow for lower volumes of chemical consumption and reduced shipping costs.  Whether your scaling risk is light or heavy, Midwest Water Treatment has a treatment blend that fits your needs.


Under the right conditions, cooling system metallurgy can see rapid corrosion rates.  Unlike some water treatment applications where corrosion is easily kept to a minimum, the conditions in open cooling systems can be highly suitable for certain types of corrosion.  Add into the mix the common usage of oxidizing biocides and if not controlled, corrosion can quickly ruin your new cooling equipment.  Midwest Water Treatment offers many different corrosion inhibitor packages that are pre-blended right into our scale inhibitor treatments to offer a complete protection package.  We rely only on select oxidizing biocides and stay clear of those that will rapidly drive up corrosion rates.  To prove it to our customers, Midwest Water Treatment offers complimentary corrosion coupon analysis as part of our program management services.


Maintaining a clean cooling system requires the usage of some sort of biological control measure, typically in the form of biocides fed regularly to the system.  Not only does this help prevent the growth of potential pathogens, but it minimizes the likelihood of slime formation and the corrosion that occurs underneath.  Midwest Water Treatment offers a full line of both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides to create the best possible biological treatment program for your system.  All of our regular service visits include broad spectrum biological testing as well, the results of which help to confirm that the program in place is well matched to the biological demand.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Wisconsin
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