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An often overlooked portion of a water treatment program, closed loop testing and service is crucial to maintaining your overall system's health.  As they're often not routinely inspected and serviced, closed hot and chilled water systems can develop problems that go unnoticed for months or even years.  Midwest Water Treatment representatives are trained to never overlook any aspect of a treatment program, and that means routine testing and monitoring of these systems.

Brand new system or retrofitting an old system?  This is an ideal time for a cleaning.  Midwest Water Treatment carries both phosphate and non-phosphate blends of closed system cleaners to match your needs.  These products are concentrated to make application and use as easy as possible.  After your Midwest Water Treatment representative verifies that your system is cleaned properly and free of chemicals, we'll re-dose it using newer treatment technologies designed to prevent corrosion and inhibit biological growth.  After that, take advantage of our "Just in Time" chemical option.  We'll bring in only what is needed to correct your system chemistry and remove the empty containers.  Whether you need a few ounces or a few gallons, we'll bring it with us, add it to the system, and leave nothing behind.  No longer do you have to buy a five gallon bucket to get the one gallon that you need!

Some customers have a preference for solid chemicals to minimize the risk of spills and make adding chemicals easy and safe.  Nearly all of our chemical blends are available in solid or liquid form.  Some come as sticks, others in simple tablet form.  Addition is as easy as opening your bypass feeder, dropping in the proper amount of tablets or sticks, and closing the feeder back up.  Normal flow through the bypass feeder will dissolve the solid treatments over the next few hours, releasing the chemicals and restoring proper treatment levels to your system.  Nothing to it!

Closed Loop Water Treatment Wisconsin


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